Patient Testimonials


To say Dr. Toups changed my life is an understatement - she has given me back my life! I truly thought the rest of my life would be consumed with chronic pain and disability, but in the past several months I have known her my health has improved dramatically. Dr. Toups advocates for you and brings a staggering amount of knowledge, compassion, and experience as a clinician (as well as out-of-the-box thinking), but makes clear that you are the healer, that the locus of control is within you for optimal health. This is not a witch doctor who charges exorbitant fees while peddling dubious potions and asking you to rely on her alone for healing.


Dr. Toups is a Functional Medicine doctor and Psychiatrist who targets "layers" of healing, beginning with making dietary changes - she recommends the Paleo diet. By changing my diet and adding in some supplements, I am able to eliminate the 14 prescription medications I was taking that weren't helping.


In the past, medical doctors didn't know what to do with me and they kept adding medication after medication to address symptoms while never treating the core illness. (These were great doctors who acted in good faith, but it just wasn't helping!)


Dr. Toups is incredibly thorough and kind, taking hours to get to know you and assemble a full picture of illness/health. She brings the body into balance so it can facilitate healing. I am so eager to continue down this path to health with Dr. Toups as guide. I truly hope that if you are suffering with chronic, intractable illnesses (or even just want to improve your health), you seek her out. You will get your life back, a version better than before.

Rachel R.


If you are looking to optimize your health, mental well being and improve functioning, you need look no further. Go to Bay Area Wellness and see Dr. Kathleen Toups. Here is a Wellness Center that can really help you. I'm lucky to live in the Bay Area and have this practice nearby, but I would travel hundreds of miles or more to get this outstanding care.

I am a registered nurse and am very particular about choosing physicians and health care practices. I have several conditions that cause distress in my life and limit functioning including ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Degenerative diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Allergies and Weight management issues. These problems were exacerbated with the onset of menopause and I needed help.

Dr. Toups is currently partnering with me to get me "living" more fully by sorting out my problems using her deep knowledge and understanding of neuroscience, the "gut," nutrition, and laboratory testing that ordinary practices don't even consider using, all indicators of mental balance and physical health.  She is a physician and researcher and knows the data on wellness! I feel safe and cared for at Bay Area Wellness. I am immensely pleased with my progress and look forward to clarity of mind and restoration of health so I can pursue the many dreams I have for my life.

I am truly happy I made this investment in my health!

Susan K.


I am one of those patients who traveled the extra miles to see Dr. Toups. I live in Sacramento, but it is worth the time. I highly recommend Dr. Kat Toups for a multitude of psychiatric and chronic physical illnesses. She has had many years of training and experience in psychiatry, and she truly cares about her patients' health and well-being. With a lot of research and full certification, her practice has morphed from a more traditional approach to functional medicine psychiatry. It's sort of "wholistic psychiatry". She will do a lot of testing to determine if and what the physiologic basis might be for the illnesses, and treat accordingly. Inflammation, toxins and other metabolic problems are often at the root of many autoimmune and psychiatric disorders. She treats with diet and lifestyle change and detoxification, allowing patients to take the minimum of prescription medications. If you don't want to just take a bunch prescriptions meds, and deal with their sometimes very unpleasant side effects (and varying degrees of success), this is truly the way to go.

Andy B.


Finding Dr. Toups has truly been a blessing. For the last twenty years my mother has suffered with both psychiatric and digestive disorders. We've visited countless doctors who simply layered drugs on top of drugs without care for side effects and who had less than desirable bedside manners. Aside from her considerable knowledge and background, Dr. Toups is the first doctor who truly acknowledged my mother during an appointment. Her kindness and preparedness is remarkable - it was clearly evident that she had read every detail of the very thorough and lengthy intake packet prior to our appointment, and her demeanor is supportive beyond measure. She is able to explain complex medical and psychiatric situations in a manner that is tailored and understandable for each individual. She has gone out of her way to help treat my mother despite some complicated matters, and the level of information, testing, and correspondence has completely surpassed expectation. For the first time in a long time we finally have hope and have already seen improvement in my mother's health. 

What's also wonderful is that many of the dietary treatments are not just applicable to my mother but also to our whole family. I would highly recommend Dr. Toups if you are seeking a physician who will truly listen and be invested in your well being, and who will help you get to the root cause of your illness. This is a doctor you can trust to have YOUR best interests at heart.

Also, the staff is very personable and helpful and the office is warm and welcoming exuding a naturally calming atmosphere complete with a wonderful assortment of teas. I am looking forward to the free nutritional seminars hosted by Dr. Toups as she continues to bring health and hope to our family.

Kristina C.


I'm writing this Yelp because I feel better.
I made a dietary change about a week ago, and by day three, I felt better: my stomach pain is less, my allergic reactions are less, my gut pain is less, and my mood has brightened.

I don't know about you, but that is the gold standard for me, right there: the information I got from Dr. Toups is WORKING for me. In real, tangible terms: I feel better. And I am so, so grateful. I'd been sick for over a year, and the pain, the limitations have not only been debilitating, but really scary. All of that was dragging me down into a kind of depressed way of thinking and anxious outlook on the future. But now I'm feeling more relaxed -- I'm feeling like maybe the worst of things is over -- like maybe I'm turning the corner on this physical illness. And that makes me feel kind of happy! It is astonishing how physical illness can make you so sad and unhappy, and how even the beginnings of getting better are enough to restore hope, and realistic optimism. Yay! :)

I think one of the things that has certainly helped is that Dr. Toups has been so gently, and kindly, but firmly persistent in encouraging me. Having somebody by your side who really believes you can heal, really believes that your mood, therefore, can improve as well is very, very important. And Kat is so nice, so caring. When it comes to the doctors I consult, this trait is a must.

Kat is also an amazing assessor/researcher. She is tireless about examining a problem from all possible angles, in determination to find out what's wrong, and what can be done to make it better. She's totally thorough about looking at your whole picture, and about appropriate testing. Her determination is without question. Not only that, but her integrity is pristine: she only does what she believes in. I think her take on health care is a breath of fresh air.

I look forward to seeing where my restoration to health goes from here. I know that whatever comes up, Kat will discuss it with me. It's a collaboration. (Just as it should be, I think.)

Anyway, I hope this helps. I always check Yelps before I try a new provider or business. It's important that people share their experience, so that you can have a better sense of who someone is before you contact them. So, here's my experience. I'm happy with Dr. Toups. 

Monica E.


Very helpful and understanding of complex chronic medical issues! Dr. Toups is the best!


She showed great compassion and empathy with our family. We had been to so many other doctors prior to Dr. Toups. She was willing to listen and look at the "whole picture" and keep searching for the cause of our son's severe illness. Dr. Toups was ultimately able to diagnose Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease. She has taught us about supporting his immune system and has been immensely helpful with all the nutritional supplements as well.

Sue C.


Dr. Toups is highly skilled in Functional Medicine assessment, bringing her extensive knowledge about dietary interventions, allergies, supplements, potential drug interactions, and traditional Psychiatric Psychopharmacology together for improved patient care. I have used her consultations with patients in my practice with wonderful results. Many would travel to her if they get an opportunity to do so. I plan to continue to refer to her, and feel grateful she offers what is considered “state of the art care”.

It has been difficult to find a practitioner in my area for my patients, so I would highly recommend Dr. Toups. I need to state that I do not receive any compensation for referrals. My compensation is knowing my patients will get a comprehensive evaluation from an exceptionally compassionate professional, and will feel significantly better. Dr. Toups is invested in offering the highest level of care. I am grateful she is in this field.

Julie K., PhD

Finally have found a doctor that has restored my faith in medical practitioners and maybe humanity! Dr. Kat Toups with Bay Area Wellness is extraordinary. We're still in the preliminary treatment phase and still have to jump over the hurdle (I'm being kind) that is my mother’s conservator (since she's still denying  her treatment), but I finally feel like I have some help and a doctor who can actually make some positive changes.

I'll have to keep working on raising money for the out of pocket costs, but I'd encourage anyone who is suffering and has yet to find relief, whether it's digestive or otherwise, to look into functional medicine, and if you're local to contact Dr. Toups. Seeing her is not going to be beneficial just for my mom, but for our whole family, hooray!



THANK you SO much, Dr Kat!

Dear Kat,

Thank you so much for the terrific visit yesterday. I was so happy and excited afterwards. You are a miracle!

Meanwhile, I'm changing my diet pretty drastically and feel a bit better already.

Many thanks and all my best wishes for a great June!