Kathleen Toups

Specialty Laboratory Testing Menu

Dr. Toups does her best to keep costs down by ordering lab testing through labs that are generally covered by health insurance, like Quest, LabCorp, Cleveland Heart Lab, and True Health Diagnostics.


Sometimes, however, more advanced testing is desirable. We frequently add new testing, as Dr. Toups is constantly researching the latest cutting-edge testing modalities.


Please see the Menu of Specialty Tests we are able to offer below:

Doctors Data

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology, Heavy Metal testing, Water for Metals testing, Methylation testing, Iodine levels



  • NutrEval (tests for Nutrient levels, Amino Acids, Toxins, Organic Acids), Salivary Adrenal Cortisol testing, Melatonin Testing, Hormone Testing (28 day Sex Hormone tracking, as well as Sex Hormone metabolites)


Great Plains Lab

  • Organic Acid testing, Environmental Toxin testing


Cyrex Labs

  • Testing for Food Allergies, Immune Antibodies, Blood Brain Barrier Integrity, Leaky Gut


Precision Analytical

  • Dutch Hormone testing – Sex and Adrenal Hormones



  • Genetic testing for Psychiatric snps and Liver p450 Detox snps


Commonwealth Labs

  • SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) Breath testing



  • Colon Cancer Screening


MELISA Dental Metal Allergy testing


  • Lyme and Co-infection testing


Milford Labs

  • Lyme PCR testing


Biohealth Laboratory

  • GI Pathogens